Operation Snuggle will be held at 9:00 am on Saturday December 3rd at Baker Prairie Middle School in Canby Oregon &

John Mcloughlin Elementary School in Oregon City!

Don't forget to bring: 

1. A pair of sharp scissors

2. A friend

Operation Snuggle kids are considered homeless if they are living on the streets or in vehicles with their families, in foster care, living in homes with multiple families or "couch surfing" from day to day. 

We believe it take a community to raise a child and when we come together, anything is possible! Operation Snuggle is not possible without you!

Community Involvment

You Can Help!

If you can tie your shoe, we need you!!!  It's really that easy!

What is Homeless?

In Oregon alone there are over 20,000 reported homeless children.

In Canby there are currently 252 homeless students and 16 Pre-K


is more important

than OUR Community


Operation Snuggle

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